Inaugural Address

- Shri Kiran Karnik


Kiran Karnik: Thank you Mr Chopra Mr Paul Mr Garg .It is grate pleasure again to attend some thing organised by Mr P N chopra it is persistence to keep organising such events. I must compliment Mr Chopra for running the magazine Bitcom India single handedly for all these years there is a need for such a magazine he has kept the flag flying congratulation to him.he is doing a very good job I must compliment Mr Paul for a very comprehensive presentation He was able to get the ball rolling extremely well I am a novice in this area I would love to sit and  listen unfortunately I have to go but I had to come to give my regards to Mr Chopra and to congratulate him for what   he is doing. Very briefly  I want to touch as to what this technology can do . My interest here  is that what this technology can do for the country .We have seen evolution of various technologies in India .Each time a new technology has come up  we have great hope to take care of many problems in this country .with Radio with television with satellite broadcasting we   feel it can do a lot in a number of field like  education ,reaching out to a number of areas to make a difference and each time vision has been fulfilled but in  part ,we are unable to do as some of us would love to do  .We are too ambitious as there are new hopes .I am greatly optimistic in this new technology . This new technology which is coming up has tremendous potentials two or three reasons for that mainly because it by-passes many of the problems with particular regards  to literacy ,it can reach all over the country and it does not have to progress from the big cities outward and it can simultaneously reach all over .To day in this country the one device which is owned by maximum number of people is the mobile phone  as compared to a bicycle a ceiling fan or awrist watch which used to be the case when we did our case studies .now we have the most commonly device a mobile phone  450 million Indians have a mobile phone . so here is a device to reach so many people, which was traditionally being done by radio and television but which enables people to talk to each other .so here is a device through which you can talk to any body else who has that device, possibility of combining that device for net working with each other possibility of streaming Video with multimedia with content that is very very relevant and interesting is very very exciting. As we begin to move to the next stage of development of the country we begin to talk to inclusive growth of rural areas of this country much more seriously in terms of very viable hard hitting issues .Earlier we did a lot of good work which was based on good intention but the result was that some people did some good work but was just not viable. Today is the stage when there is viability for such work because financially we are able to sustain it because the economic returns of such activities are very high .I think we are at a stage where we have very good convergence, of technology and their ability to reach out .In my own personal view ten or fifteen years with the political will it is time to work in these areas. Some of us feel that the political leadership has lost intrest to work in remote areas in some segments of the country, but now there is a genuine will to work in these areas .The convergence of political leadership technological capability and actual infrastructure positions us very well  to do some of these things. We can look at some of these applications every time I look at some of these applications, I am more and more convinced that limitation is only our imagination. Whatever we  imagine can be done. There is some technology some where that will be developed that can deliver, just think of an application and think that I need this and it can be done. You can put together bits if technology you will find them some where in the world or you can create them, I think this possibility makes it very viable for us put these things on ground and begin to do them specially in the remote areas of the country where it has been difficult to reach out in all kinds of ways. We have learnt over the years and all these problems have not been solved. There continue to remain some basic problems like power but we are very inventive people and have been able to solve these problems.

Some years ago I was talking to the Nokia chairman in India to start a plant in India  and he said that in India there are too many problems and logistics is a problem, things keep on lying in customs for twenty days and now you know the biggest single factory of Nokia is in Chennai which is the most successful one with the highest productivity worldwide. This transformation has shown what is possible   Somehow we can solve the problem of power by various means I would hope the depression today.              

    How can you make the technology to reach the remote areas I would love to sit through the discussion but have other commitments. I wonder how Mr Chopra manages to get all these experts together to participate I wish the seminar all the best.