Seminar  Over View

- Shri K M Paul

Former Engineer in Chief All India Radio


With a view to do a review of ‘Mobile Multimedia’, this seminar has been planned. The seminar will deliberate on various aspects of mobile multimedia standards, their current status and future potentials etc. We believe, the seminar will be extremely interesting and will be an important source of valuable information for all sections of our society involved in the business of  ICT. Streaming videos or the multimedia services are delivered in an interactive way to the mobile users in a very wide area using part BW of the WiMax network. These are some of the outcomes of this fast changing evolution. In the broadcast field-  MobileTV broadcasting following standards like – DVB-H;  DVB-SH; MediaFLO;  Moba-Ho (ISDB); etc. are coming up fast in different parts of the world.



Good Afternoon friends to illustrate the subject of today’s seminar on Mobile multimedia 3G and beyond I have given the overview through the few slides in the power point presentation The stake holders are cellular Mobile operators, Terrestrial broadcasters, Satellite Broadcasters and WiMax operators who are expanding market on own their USPs The subject as explained is topical Shri Karnik needs no introduction his view will provide the right directions to the discussion this afternoon.